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Moving Advice

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As you are aware, we are in unfortunate and stressful times due to the COVID 19 pandemic.  Our staff and crew are working within COVID 19 government guidelines.  We ask all our clients to also wear a suitable face covering and ensure that they always remain 2 metres apart from our crew.  Please be aware that our staff are working extremely hard during this difficult time and we would appreciate it if they were treated with the respect that they too deserve so that they can work efficiently and safely.


It is essential that you provide us with suitable access to your properties, under health and safety we are unable to park on the opposite side of the road to any property to load and unload our vehicles.  Access should be obtained from directly in front of your property unless previously agreed with our surveyor/office staff.

If parking is on-street or limited, please reserve 3-4 car bays (if a truck) or 2-3 car bays (if Luton’s) (in length) worth of space outside of your property. This could be done either by parking there yourselves, putting bins or cones out the night before. Please check with us how much space we will need if you are unsure.

Parking permits, if required should be obtained by yourselves prior to your removal. Tell your neighbours, even if your neighbours are great, they still need to know what is happening so they can prepare. At your current and your new home there may be issues with parking and space for the removal vehicles, so it is essential that everyone is in the know. They will really appreciate the fact you have been courteous and best of all, you have the chance to introduce yourself.

If you have a driveway, please insure this is clear, either for us to park on if we can, or if the driveway is unsuitable for us to park on, we would still need it to be clear so that we not moving furniture around parked cars.

Please unsure that you have advised us of the general parking conditions for loading and unloading vehicles at your current and new property for example, yellow lines, one-way systems, weak drain/manhole covers, overhanging trees, narrow roads, tight access etc.

Kids & Animals

It can be an exciting and a distressing time for animals and children on moving day. With so much activity in the home it can be easy for animals to disappear, leaving you with a frantic last 30 minutes looking for them. Children could also be hurt or just upset by what is happening. It is best, if possible, to have someone look after your children and animals while the move is happening – then they will be able to settle into their new surroundings without any stress.

Survival Box/ Suitcase

Never forget to pack a survival box for both ends of the journey. This should contain your kettle, tea/coffee, milk, bread, toilet paper, toiletries, laptop, phone chargers and even a change of clothes. Think of the things you will need when you arrive at your destination. It will be the last thing that leaves your old home and the first to arrive at your new home. Put it somewhere safe, so the first thing you can do is make that all important cuppa.

Prohibited Items

Our crew are prohibited from moving the following items - stolen goods, drugs, pornographic material, potentially dangerous, damaging, or explosive items, aerosols, paints, firearms and ammunition.  We are also prohibited from moving jewellery, watches, trinkets, precious stones or metals, money, deeds, securities, stamps, coins or goods or collections of any similar kind.  Please ensure these items are packed safely and put to one side so they can be moved with yourself in your car.

Disconnecting, reconnecting, dismantling, or reassembling of any appliances, fixtures, fittings, or equipment

if stated in our quotation our crew will dismantle and reassemble all necessary items. Our crew are more than happy to disconnect all appliances from your previous home, however, are not liable to reconnecting these at your new property.

Preparation is everything

Should you have accepted our quotation without our complete home packing service, please ensure that all wrapping and packing of items are fit for transport, bubble wrapping all glass items, including TV’s and technology with screens.  Label all boxes with the room name that they have been packed from.  Please write on the tape so that boxes may be recycled.  Please label boxes as fragile should they contain fragile items.  Try to empty your fridge and freezer leading up to your moving day.  Please place all remaining items from the fridge/freezer in cooler boxes if possible.

Please keep all items of clothing that are on hangers in wardrobes on the hangers as we will provide wardrobe boxes on the day to transport hanging items.

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